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About Wow Factor Studio

Formerly known as ShowBiz Print Shop, now expanding our scope beyond printed projects to offer digital solutions as well.

It all started with two cards...

The projects here at Wow Factor Studio grew out of Ryan Pilling's initial work on the Two Card Monte, a century-old magic trick that has been regularly used as a trade-show giveaway and merchandise sales item. His re-development from the ground up resulted in a product that was a "Rolls Royce" of the Two Card Monte, with packaging and design nicer than anything ever seen in its 100 year history. While the packaging was deluxe, it was designed with affordability in mind, and the resulting customized playing cards were actually less expensive than buying the standard generic cards in bulk.

From that beginning, Ryan expanded the line of available items by taking that same creative research and development approach with other common, and not-so-common, magic tricks and gags. Producing items with modern, expressive designs and full customization options. Turning silly tricks into effective promotional tools.

Delivering Amazing Value

Today, Wow Factor Studio works with business owners who are looking for promotions to connect with their audience, and make an impact. Combining the razzle-dazzle of a theatrical production with smart marketing and clear communication, resulting in designs that will earn you a standing ovation.

The projects featured here are driven by our design standards...

  • Value - We source suppliers and design our products with an eye to excellent affordability for quality results. We want to make maximum impact for minimum budget.
  • Personality - Our designs are meant to stand-out from the crowd and express a sense of fun. We have no interest in making anything boring!

Ryan Pilling - Designer

WIth a background as a graphic designer and web developer, working both freelance and, for a time, in a full-service print shop Ryan has designed for business cards, books, industrial equipment, e-commerce, and more business cards.

Now, retired from design in favour of working as a full-time entertainer and entrepreneur, many of the projects here at the Studio are created first for Ryan to put to use in his own business, then shared with the world at large.